We Are Dedicated to Helping Clients with Chronic Health Conditions

We have consistent success in assisting our clients in restoring health and maintaining overall mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing through the use of various safe and effective natural and biblically-sound healthcare methodologies.

We focus our practice on assisting clients with these chronic conditions:

What Are Chronic Illnesses?

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), medical literature does not support a single uniform definition of chronic disease. It is commonly agreed, however, that chronic diseases are illnesses that are not self-limiting in nature, but instead are associated with persistent and recurring health problems and symptoms lasting for months and years, not days or weeks. Examples are arthritis, cancer, heart disease, obesity, stroke and type2 diabetes, to name just a few of very many. Click here to view CDC’s listing of Primary Chronic Conditions.

Significantly, although for decades conventional medical thinking has been that chronic illness by definition is incurable; today, medical science is revealing that the vast majority of chronic health conditions are lifestyle-induced and can be limited, reversed and even completely resolved by the principles embodied in Pastoral Science and Medicine. Ironically, heart disease, which the CDC defines as the #1 killer, can be virtually eliminated by lifestyle changes.

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