It stands for Frequency Specific Microcurrent, an energy therapy whereby specific frequencies of unfelt electrical microcurrent (millionths of an amp) are transmitted, or resonate, through the water of the body to ‘tune’ the cells for optimal function or otherwise alleviate pain or accelerate the bodies natural ability to heal. These may be transmitted via wet towels or bands as well as via magnets using PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies).

We use programs containing groups of frequencies that run two freq’s at a time on a channel A and a channel B. Channel A (let’s say 40hz) is the condition (in this case inflammation), and channel B (let’s say 116hz) is the part or category affected (in this case skin/immune system or ‘any tissue’). Channel A is performing as labeled to remove inflammation while Channel B is directing that frequency to which body component or system that needs help or balancing.

FSM also increases ATP (cellular energy) production by up to 500%. It’s more common uses are for relieving inflammation and pain, decreasing post-operative recovery time, accelerating the body’s injury healing efforts, and increasing range of motion.

FSM origin/history: