drops-of-water-578897_640-300x200Losing weight and keeping it off can be difficult. No matter how hard you try to lose weight, there are toxins inside you that use fat and cling to it like glue. Aside from creating more fat, the toxins breed within you, deplete your energy, and cause you to eat bad foods that only make you heavier. Being overweight is harmful to your health and shouldn’t be neglected.

How do toxins enter our bodies?

Unless you take serious precautions and avoid all toxic foods, then these toxins will be introduced into your body. Vegetables and many other food products contain toxins which are cause bodies to gain weight as they group together and create more fat in the body. Aside from entering bodies through food, toxins can also enter through water, cosmetics, and air.

Some toxins found in food include; artificial flavoring, preservatives, hormones, and many others. Any food that is canned, packaged, or bottled will contain preservatives, and farm animals are pumped with hormones to make them bigger. These kinds of foods are found in most homes, and they are the reasons why so many toxins are found in the body.

Toxins create fat by trapping fat in the body, slowing your body’s metabolism, causing the body to take longer to feel full, and reducing the rate at which the body burns fat. In order to get rid of toxins from the body, they must be converted from fat-soluble to water-soluble. This way, the liver can process them and get rid of them from the body.

If the toxins are unable to be turned into water-soluble, they stay in the body and enter the bloodstream. The body knows toxins are harmful, so to protect itself, it covers them and overall creates fat.

How can detoxification help?

By going through our Detoxification program, people can decrease their weight and increase their health. The cleanse uses over specially-formulated minerals, herbs, and vitamins. The vitamins allow the liver, as well as other organs, to eliminate toxins from the body by making them water soluble.

Metabolism is given support from the herbs and ultimately increases the body’s metabolism. By flushing out unwanted toxins with the help of the cleanse, the body can improve and be on its way to a healthy weight loss.