Female client in her 20’s—Hormone Balance:

“Hello, Dr. Randall! Things have gone very well. I finally got my cycle back after 8 long months?? Your mixture* definitely helped! We’re coming up on finals week but I definitely want to visit again when the semester is over.”
*”Blessed Waters”

Her Mother (existing client who referred/brought daughter in):
“Hi, Dr. Randall. Good to hear from you. Things are going well with my daughter. 4 days after the treatment* that you gave her, her menstrual came back on and it appears everything is kicking back into its regular schedule now. Thank you!!”
*FSM session (Frequency Specific Microcurrent)

Wellness without fear of side effects:

“Dr. Randall is a compassionate, caring professional who takes the time to listen to his clients. My two children have been treated by Dr. Randall at separate times. My son underwent Bio-Feedback to counteract depression and to assist with ADD symptoms. He is eighteen now and of all the helpful things we have done over the years such as diet, counseling etc., he tells me the Bio-Feedback made the most difference. It has helped him to sleep and focus better. My daughter was also struggling with sleep issues as well as other physical problems. Dr. Randall’s protocol made a great difference in her ability to relax and rest. He took the time to offer more extensive assistance in the way of counseling which she was not ready for, so Dr. Randall assured her that she could return when she felt ready. Dr. Randall is extremely caring and insightful as well as patient and respectful of where his patients are at.”
~Client Parent

Esophagus pre-cancer h-pylori bacteria:

“I suffered from a problem with h-pylori bacteria a pre-cancer(ous) condition of the esophagus. Mark my son recommend(ed) that I should start taking Xango, which is mostly mangosteen fruit. I took it 3 times a day. When it was time to go back and have an upper and lower GI exam, my doctor was totally surprised. He told me my condition was gone. No more h-pylori and esophagus looked good. Of course, I give God the glory and my son who God gave the knowledge.”

Previous clinical thermographer staff member:

“Mark Randall is a great doctor who truly wants to find alternative ways to help people and give them choices. All the patients I meet love and appreciated all the personal attention and help he gave them.”