Our center offers you a number of special programs providing natural means for achieving balance and improving bodily function. We will work with you in choosing appropriate health restoration programs suitable to your unique situation.

  • LightStim or Microcurrent (FSM/Jade) Orientation – Free. (10-15 mins)
  • Individualized “Holistic Optimization” Consultation – $250. (1-1.25 Hr)
  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) & PEMF – $51-450. (20min-2.5 Hr) $4 per minute wet towels &/or conductive graphite gloves, $3 per min dry PEMF magnets (Pulsed Magnetic Field). Each FSM program varies in length.
  • Light Facial – Reg. $100. / $50. Intro 1st Visit / $50. “Add-on” same day service (All facials include product applied unless one elects not to use PhotoMasque and/or PhotoSerum with the LightStim Facial)
  • Jade Facial – $60. (always includes/uses Aculift white cream, hypo-allergenic)

(all Facials last 20 minutes.)