Our center offers you a number of special programs providing natural means for achieving balance and improving bodily function. We will work with you in choosing appropriate health restoration programs suitable to your unique situation. Please use a Link or specific service below to request booking:

  • Microcurrent Services

    Veterans & On-staff Pastors = 50% Discount
    • Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) $51-450. (30min-2.5Hrs)
      Price varies according to program length. Truly holistic (whole person) spectrum of applications! Remind your cells of their healthy frequencies.
    • Jade Facial (Electro Massage) $70 (20min)
      It’s cellular massage! Benefits of reflexology & acupuncture. Leave with a happier face!
      1. Restoring vitality by removing physical impediments (crystals in muscles) to the free flow of vital energy.
      2. Revitalizing the body by the infusion of fresh energy back into the organism with the use of high frequency.
    • Consultation Free
      Jade or FSM Orientation
  • Light Services

    • LightStim Facial $100 Reg. $50 Intro/1st Visit. $50 as same day ‘add on’ service.  “Take off 5 years in 20 minutes”  

      (Red, Infrared, Orange, & Blue) Light Therapy is here!!  “Red Charge” rejuvenate, and walk away with stronger metabolism, less inflammation & better circulation, a brighter mind, and smoother skin!

    • LightStim Consultation Free
  • Individualized Holistic Wellness

    • The Holistic Optimization Consult $250 (1Hr15Min)
      • Macro and micro-view Big Picture to address root causes.

      • Wellness Mindset & Lifestyle Changes. 

      • Thorough review of Health History.

      • Food.

      • Movement.

      • Rest.

      • Sleep.

      • Stress & Emotional Solutions.

      • Frequency Recommendations for Light &/or Microcurrent sessions.

      • Discuss Labs or DNA testing for customized supplementation Just. For. You!

    • NAET – Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique $120 initial (1Hr) $70 followup (30-45Min)
      An “East meets West” system of testing the autonomic nervous system to reveal energetic incompatibilities (on the physical, physiological, and emotional levels) and restoring balance to the human system. Energy blockages due to intolerances/sensitivities/allergies can be corrected and the body trained to accept, or be compatible with, the offending agent.
  • Weight Loss Session (Microcurrent + Red Light)
    • Frequency Specific Microcurrent “body weight” program (60mins) simultaneous with LightStim red+infrared light on abdomen. Frequencies to mobilize fat and increase metabolism.