If you are having a health emergency and need immediate help, you should call 911 for assistance.

Issues with Prescription Drugs

Our Pastoral Medical practice does not recommend or prescribe any medications or pharmaceutical drugs. If you are experiencing a problem with any medication, you should call your prescribing physician and/or pharmacist.

Regular Appointments

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  • Microcurrent Services

    Veterans & On-staff Pastors = 50% Discount
    • Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) $51-450. (30min-2.5Hrs)
      Price varies according to program length. Truly holistic (whole person) spectrum of applications! Remind your cells of their healthy frequencies.
    • Jade Facial (Electro Massage) $70 (20min)
      It’s cellular massage! Benefits of reflexology & acupuncture. Leave with a happier face!
      1. Restoring vitality by removing physical impediments (crystals in muscles) to the free flow of vital energy.
      2. Revitalizing the body by the infusion of fresh energy back into the organism with the use of high frequency.
    • Consultation Free (10-15min)
      Jade or FSM Orientation
  • Light Services

    • LightStim Facial $100 Reg. $50 Intro/1st Visit. $50 as same day ‘add on’ service.  “Take off 5 years in 20 minutes”  

      (Red, Infrared, Orange, & Blue) Light Therapy is here!!  “Red Charge” rejuvenate, and walk away with stronger metabolism, less inflammation & better circulation, a brighter mind, and smoother skin!

    • LightStim Consultation Free (10-15min)
  • Individualized Holistic Wellness

    • The Holistic Optimization Consult $250 (1Hr15Min)
      • Macro and micro-view Big Picture to address root causes.

      • Wellness Mindset & Lifestyle Changes. 

      • Thorough review of Health History.

      • Food.

      • Movement.

      • Rest.

      • Sleep.

      • Stress & Emotional Solutions.

      • Frequency Recommendations for Light &/or Microcurrent sessions.

      • Discuss Labs or DNA testing for customized supplementation Just. For. You!

    • NAET – Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique $120 initial(1Hr) $70 followup(30-45Min)
      Based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) at its core, an “East meets West” system for testing autonomic dysregulation and restoring energetic balance to the human system.