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In our FSM therapy, we also use PEMF(Pulsed Electromagnetic Freq) – a technique via FSM connected to a magnetic converter in order to broadcast the specific microcurrent frequencies as magnetic pulses through space/air, as an alternative to the wet towels or bands conducting the current.

Quote shared via Kindle: “Medical researchers have stated that energy field therapies are effective because they project

Areas FSM can be beneficial:

Pain (Muscle, Nerve)
Stress Relief
Emotional Balancing
EMF/Radiation Toxicity
Brain Fog
Headaches / Migraines
Immune Support
Chronic Inflammation
Carpal Tunnel
Endocrine Support
Nervous System Support
IBS & Other GI Issues
Workout Boost & Recovery
Scar Reduction
Fat Loss / Body Toning
Diabetes / Insulin Resistance
Heart Health
Adrenal Support
Attention / Focus Issues
Trauma / PTSD
Kidney Stone Pain

What is FSM?

It stands for Frequency Specific Microcurrent, an energy therapy whereby specific frequencies of unfelt electrical microcurrent (millionths of an amp) are transmitted, or resonate, through the water of the body to ‘tune’ the cells for optimal function or otherwise alleviate pain or accelerate the bodies natural ability to heal. These may be transmitted via wet towels or bands as well as via magnets using PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies).

We use programs containing groups of frequencies that run two freq’s at a time on a channel A and a channel B. Channel A (let’s say 40hz) is the condition (in this case inflammation), and channel B (let’s say 116hz) is the part or category affected (in this case skin/immune system or ‘any tissue’). Channel A is performing as labeled to remove inflammation while Channel B is directing that frequency to which body component or system that needs help or balancing.

FSM also increases ATP (cellular energy) production by up to 500%. It’s more common uses are for relieving inflammation and pain, decreasing post-operative recovery time, accelerating the body’s injury healing efforts, and increasing range of motion.


FSM origin/history:

True Cellular Detox

Is Detox Really Important?

Weight loss resistance and hormone health-related problems are epidemic today. A potential root cause of these challenges is cellular inflammation caused by toxin build-up in your body.

Regular use of a proven detoxification protocol can help release and eliminate toxins that drive inflammation and disrupt normal functioning, allowing you to regain vibrant health.

Understanding Cellular Inflammation

Cellular inflammation is a key concept to understand, as it is the reason why so many people are not feeling well and unable to lose weight.

Membranes surrounding the cells in your body contain receptor sites that allow your cells to receive messages from your hormones and to act in response. These receptor sites also facilitate your cells communicating with one another.

Problems begin, however, when toxins cause inflammation of the cellular membrane and blunt these receptors, blocking proper communication. Your cells simply don’t get the messages from your hormones to accept needed insulin or to burn body fat.

And when your cells can’t communicate due to toxin-induced inflammation, not only don’t you feel well, the stage is set for chronic disease to occur.

Hormone Therapy is a Short-Term Fix

Many health practitioners today simply prescribe natural or synthetic hormones to help their clients feel better. But this is not a long-term solution. If it were, people taking the extra hormones would be lean, clear-minded and full of energy, with their health restored.

But pushing more hormones at inflamed cell membranes is similar to parents yelling at their kids. At first, they respond a little, but over time they listen less and less. In the same way, your cells eventually become less sensitive to greater and greater hormone doses. Bottom line, your cells are still not getting the right hormonal messages. And you are left STILL not feeling well and unable to lose weight, no matter how much you diet or exercise.

True Cellular Detox is the Key

The best solution for addressing these hormone communication problems lies in fixing the cell. The process starts by reducing toxic burden and decreasing inflammation throughout your body.

The True Cellular Detox™ program guides you step-by-step in decreasing cellular inflammation, while you learn the keys to effective cellular detox. Both are critically important to achieving hormone balance and lasting weight-loss.

Dr. Daniel Pompa, DC, D.PSc, has devoted his professional career to understanding how best to address systemic cellular inflammation and restore cellular health for proper functioning. He was driven to find effective answers to these widespread problems by reason of his own health crisis and that of his wife, Merily. He discovered they both had extreme toxic burdens that needed to be resolved.


Click Here to watch a short video in which Dr. Pompa explains how the True Cellular Detox™ program works.

Click Here to read The Best 5 Strategies for Your Top Health Ever.

Has Public Health Ever Affected A Population-Based Increase in Activity?

pag-midcourse-report-infographicLast week I read a piece in the New York Times that spoke to the seemingly impossible task of getting people to move more.

And there has been no shortage of efforts. From school-based efforts that despite absolutely increasing school-based activity levels didn’t lead to increased overall activity levels (as kids more active at school were found to be less active out of school), to the regular publication of national guidelines (more…)